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Chinese Songs & Dances on Video:
greenbal.gif (917 bytes) Ballroom Dancing
greenbal.gif (917 bytes) Classical Music
greenbal.gif (917 bytes) Folk & Pop Songs
greenbal.gif (917 bytes) New Year Music
greenbal.gif (917 bytes) Patriotic Songs
greenbal.gif (917 bytes) Traditional Dances
History on Video:
greenbal.gif (917 bytes) China
greenbal.gif (917 bytes) Malaysia
greenbal.gif (917 bytes) Singapore
World in Bird's Eye View


Malaysia On Video:
History of Malaysia:
Japanese Invasion of Malaya (1941)
Rising Sun Over Malaya (1941-1945)
Malayan Union (1946-1948)
Malayan Emergency (1948-1953)
Malayan Federation (1948-1957)
Independence of Malaya (1957)
Formation of Malaysia (1963)
History of Malacca (15th Century-1957)
Cultures & Peoples of Malaysia:
Hakka People
Orang Asli
Origin of Baba and Nyonya
Origin of Melayu
State of Sabah:
Early History of Sabah (1761-1963)
Kota Kinabalu History (1882-2014)
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)Kota Kinabalu in Bird's Eye View
Sabah: Overview
Sandakan History (1879-2014)
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)Sandakan in Bird's Eye View
Sandakan P.O.W. (1942-1945)
St. Michael's Church - History
St. Michael's School - History
Three Came Home - movie
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